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Sonia Stanfield

Yoga instructor

Sonia is a 200h Jivani yoga teacher, and has been practising for over a decade. She is also a holistic therapist with 20 years’ experience.

When you join Sonia on the mat, expect a yoga class that is breath centred, flowing, free of judgement and competition. “Truly experience a deeper connection with yourself for a ripple effect off the mat – peace and power in your life,” says Sonia.

She started her yoga journey as a companion for her partner, but soon learned to love the physical aspect of yoga through the teachings of Keshav Rupakheti.

Sonia became passionate about Hatha yoga, following the teachings of Mark Whitwell, who carries the true Heart Of Yoga lineage of T K V Desikachar. “I learnt and embodied the union of mind and body, leaving every class feeling nourishment and strengthened,” she says.

David Barker

David Barker